Jan 29, 2017

Reality looking like absurd entertainment

No, my rule isn’t working for me, not at all.

Since my PTSD light at the presidential election I, for sanitary reasons, have allowed my self to watch CNN for not more than half an hour a day. To keep track of the spider in the room. I was naively hoping (although not believing) things would calm down after the inauguration. As we all no, it didn’t.

I can’t believe it’s only been a week since I last wrote on this topic. The manic tempo in which this man is ruining his country and the already devastating impact his actions have on the people and the world is…again, unprecedented.

Wolf Blitz and his panel is on at my 7PM, perfect after dinner TV slot. It’s 1PM in Washington, which means it’s most often press conference or briefing room time. In other words, that’s when it happens.

For me, a former journalist who used to be commuting between Sweden and the U.S. for about two decades, it’s impossible to not follow the scene. I might also add I have watched most TV-series located in the White House over the years. And it’s here things get really messed up.

Every evening I am thinking no CNN tonight, I just don’t have the time for it and it makes my heart race and muscles tense. But than again, today it’s press secretary Sean Spicer’s first press conference. And the next day Trump at the Republican’s retreat. And then there is Theresa May visiting the White House. So of course I am watching. Day after day. 

I wake up in the morning asking myself what will he come up with today? Knowing I will find out in the evening. So, it’s like I am watching a drama series daily episode, addicted to it. Only, this is not fiction. No scriptwriter would ever have come up with such a story. This is reality. I am watching reality looking like fiction momentarily. It’s happening right now but it looks like some kind of absurd entertainment. No wonder I fall asleep and wake up as a mess.

Right now my Seattle friends are getting ready for an emergency rally at Westlake Park tonight, supporting the immigrants. Mayor Ed Murray called Wednesday “the darkest day in immigration history” since the internment of Japanese Americans as President Trump signed an order cracking down on so-called “sanctuary cities” for undocumented immigrants. He also stated “The executive order signed today by the president has put our nation toward a constitutional crisis,” promising to use any legal means to fight it. As a sanctuary city Seattle won’t back down.

And this morning, at a chaotic SeaTac airport governor Jay Inslee held a terribly upset speech towards Donald Trump and his administration, watched more than 9 million times and counting. 

I am talking to Trouble 2 about this last week. We agree on (desperately) that one good thing possibly coming out of this is the fact it is all happening so rapidly may cause that much disturbance in society having more Jay Inslees and Ed Murrays speaking up acting, hopefully making people surrounding Donald Trump realizing the country might collapse. But then I put CNN on… only to find Donald Trump saying all the airports are working great. There are no problems. And experts stating it’s most likely that the ban on the now 7 countries is only the beginning.

I have been in the Green Card Lottery for many years, not winning. At this point, would I even want a Green Card? No. I wouldn’t.

But please watch Governor Jay Inslee to see that there is resistance!

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