Jan 8, 2017

The spider in the room

During the presidential election I spent three days with CNN and it’s anchors. After the shock of the result, the tears and the feeling sick to my stomach, I had to find a balance to how much of my time I would contaminate with this shit. I landed on half an hour a day.

- I am surprised you are, my very engaged and also sick to her stomach Seattle-friend Terry said, If I were you I think I would just stick my head in the sand. I responded I couldn’t do that. Although I am not in the U.S. we are still in this together. Donald Trump is going to be the most powerful person in the world and it will effect all of us.

So, at 7 PM every evening I am watching Wolf Blitz going through the goings on of the day with his experts and panels. It’s nothing but upsetting. Every day the 45th president to be has spoken, twittered or acted in some way that leaves everyone speechless in their articulate way. I have not been familiar with the word unprecedented before. Since the election it’s become a household expression.

At the start I remember being a little bit comforted by the Pentagon reassuring that the every day briefing the president elect would start geting right away would humble him, make him understand the profound gravity of his task to come, and rise to the occasion. The fact that he has chosen to ignore those enlightening and educational briefings is… unprecedented. And terrifying. And the fact that he and his people in so many ways has violated the American tradition of The Peaceful Transition of Power following a democratic election is disrespectful not only to the current government but to the American people and the history of the United States.  

The other week, after the tweets to/about Vladimir Putin, I heard a republican senator refer to president Obama as Mr Obama. Donald Trump and his alike have deposed the president. Unprecedented.

I told my friend Eva about my daily CNN routine. And thinking out loud I was saying I’m not really sure why it feels good. Why I feel the need for it. And she said, don’t you think it’s like the spider in the room? The spider in the room? Yes, you know there is a spider in the room and you feel the need to keep your eye on it to not freak out.

That’s exactly what it is! Donald Trump is a giant black spider crawling all over the room and I need to follow his daily where a bouts to keep as much track of him as I possibly can. It won’t make me feel safe, but at least I am doing what I can to save myself from being startled by his unpredictable moves.

Less than two weeks away from the inauguration I am realizing my spider watch won’t stop there. It has only started. I will have to continue my daily procedure as long as this ego stuffed ignorant baby who was taught by his father to be a killer never being wrong about anything, has the power to destroy this world in every thinkable way in the name of business. Amen. 

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