Aug 26, 2018

Embracing fall

Last night I cautiously sat the match to the paper. Watching it burn really slowly.  No flakes up the chimney. 

Normally I burn waste paper and cardboard in the kitchen fire place. It’s a good thing not having to drag all that to the recycling station. But due to the drought and heat this summer I haven’t used the fire place since late April. Instead, beneath it a big bag filling up quickly.

But now the rains are here. They have occurred the last couple of weeks, still I have waited. Until last night. And today. The bag is now empty and removed. Feels good.

Normally The Return of The Fall gives me panic. For real. It throws me into a storm of anxiety, shivering and hatred of all the cloths I must put on as a shield towards the cold. Not to mention the dark. Here to stay for forever it feels like. Every year the same. I feel like I won’t survive the dark ages of the winter season. I do, of course, but barely.

To my surprise this year feels different. Although there is the regular shiver it is like my body remembers the warmth it’s been embraced with for months. My skin is still soft from sun protection and after sun lotions. 

And I am not disturbed by the darkening evenings. In fact, I enjoy turning the light on in the evening. Outside and inside. Outside the spotlights are making magic in my garden. And inside they are turning my home cozy as I tuck myself in under the blanket on my couch. 

I feel a contentment. I think, for the first time on the 64th latitude, my body battery is charged to the brim. And my mind and soul filled with maximum sun light. My summer has been a good one. A long sun vacation in the recliner at my west wall, brushed by the cherry trees. An afternoon visit at my beloved aunt Barbro in her cabin by the sea. A couple of socials in my garden. And a city shopping weekend (a brief Friday and Sunday afternoon) at the Umeå malls. Even returning to the house with a fancy bag containing a gorgeous dress. I really felt like I had been abroad.   

Contentment and gratitude. Now it’s time to light the fires. And to take on the Elections.

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