Jun 17, 2018

Jean-Claude Arnault prosecuted / Swedish Academy part 4

At the heart of the Swedish Academy crises stands an accused sex offender. An accused sex offender denying his actions is pretty much the reason to why there won’t be a literature Nobel Prize in 2018. 

The man will now be prosecuted for rape in two cases. As he is not yet found guilty most Swedish media is not publishing his name. Though, as it is well known, I am choosing to. The name of the man is Jean-Claude Arnault.

It was at the start of the Me too-movement fall 2017 that 18 women came forward with their stories of being sexually offended by Jean-Claude Arnault. As a big player in the elite of the top art scene in Stockholm he was in position to use this power towards mostly younger women in the beginning of their career within that scene. Being close friends with members of the Swedish Academy and married to an author who later was selected for Chair nr. 18 in the Academy gave him a golden playing field for his manipulative and offensive behaviour, and access to vulnerable objects to prey on.

As for today 29 women are accusing Jean-Claude Arnault for various types of sexual offences. And he will now be prosecuted for rape in two cases. Seven witnesses will be heard at the trial. His friends within the Swedish Academy are still blind and deaf to this history which has been going on for decades on the scene where they are all players. 

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