Dec 3, 2017

Me too/the Swedish landslide/part 2

And the landslide keeps rolling…

* Monday November 27 under the hashtag #thelastnailinthecoffin 4627 women within the construction industry sign a petition out of anger, frustration and grief. They are testifying about sexual harassments and assault within a male dominated industry.

* November 28: #thelastbrief is more than 2000 women in the PR and advertising industry writing a brief about sexism and sexual harassments within the profession.

* The same day 3853 teachers sign #notpassed to stop the sexual harassments and assaults from colleagues and principals/heads, as well as students and parents.

* November 29, 1992 women active within equestrian sports puts the spot light on what the environment for girls having the stables as their second home looks like.

* November 30 it’s time for 1730 women serving the country in the Swedish Defense Forces to speak up: “We have joined the Swedish Defense to defend Sweden and the right to live in what ever way we want to. Often though, the worst antagonists have been within our own organization”.

* The same day 1863 women and non-binary convey whats boiling within the restaurant industry, a sector characterized of uncertain terms of employment, hierarchy and a sexist macho culture. 

* Also #excavationinprogress, 387 women in the field of archeology let us know about a sexist structure rooted in the history of archeology.

* 978 women working in green businesses such as farming, forestry, horse business and orchards testify of sexist comments and rapes in barns as well as board rooms.

* More then 1000 nurses witness about sexual harassments at work. In 69% of the reported cases the perpetrator is a patient.

* The largest appeal this far in Sweden was also published Thursday November 29. 10 400 doctors and medical students - women, non-binary and transgender - tell the story about the teaching hierarchy which makes them dependent of senior colleagues for decades in the stairs of career. Because of that, sexual assaults are very rarely reported.

* Friday December 1 #metoobackstage. 1615 women behind Swedish TV-productions, movie and theatre stages testify about how exposed they are at work. About the structures in the name of art allowing men taking advantage of anyone from script writers to tailors in the crew.

* In addition to these industry campaigns I would also like to recognize the prostitutes and the women victims of honor related violence. They are too trying to make their voices heard, from the bottom of or society. From the streets and the hidden silent fear.

These thousands of voices have been added to the Me too movement in Sweden in only a week. And we are now hearing women in true male macho sectors like Swedish Defense Force speaking up. The movement is moving. Moving forward. Onward we go.

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