Nov 6, 2016

The secretive girl seeking her father’s validation and the boy brought up being a killer who is never wrong

It is the last Sunday before the election for the next president of the USA. I want to write about it. I need to write about it. But in what sense? I am keeping the by nature loud CNN on while a quite snow is falling over my fields as a soft backdrop.

An American president election is as important for the world as for the U.S. That’s one reason to why we are so obsessed by it over here. Another reason is of course that it’s good entertainment. This time around good isn’t the correct word even, great would be more proper. I would say frightening though. As this is not a well written TV series. This is a reality show which is not only about being the most malicious one on the set, but who will be, as it’s called, the leader of the free world.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Neither one of them generally perceived as really sympathetic persons. A man and a woman of mature age. Once they were a little girl and a little boy. And as different as they are from each other, they have one thing in common.

The girl Hillary and the boy Donald both grew up with harsh and demanding fathers, even cruel. No matter what Hillary did, however a straight A student she was, her father responded “Did you get all A:s, then the bar in your school has to be set too low.” In addition to that he was mean, and abusive to her mother.

Young Donald was sent by his stern father to the New York Military Academy at the age of 13, spending his school years boarded in the grimmest educational environment the father knew of. Finding the severe discipline he exercised on his son wasn’t enough and believing a military structure would provide the best setting to shape him in the right direction.

The two young students became extreme achievers. Due to the constant fights in the girls home, her room became her refuge. She closed her ears the best she could and developed a talent for secrecy, concealment and inscrutability.

The boy became a young man within a military environment along only boys and learned about women through Playboy magazine. His father used the expression “a killer” for the personality he wanted from his son. In addition, he was taught to never admit any kind of wrong doings. One could say the boy learned well and his father should be very proud.

I am watching Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton flickering by on my TV screen. A woman who probably all her life has been looking for her father’s approval in everything she does. Longing for validation filling that hole he created in her. And a man who is the perfect product of his father’s pursuing.

The two candidates for president of the USA. The most powerful position in the world. A girl prone for inscrutability seeking her father’s validation. And a boy who is never wrong and brought up to be a killer.

I wonder if there are any parents not messing up their children. I think it’s inevitable. Fortunately most messed up children (that is all of us) are a problem only to themselves and their closest neighborhood. Not to the entire globe. So, in this particular case I would vote for the secretive girl seeking her father’s validation. Not for the killer who is never wrong.

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