Dec 22, 2014

In the arms of an angel choir

Coming to life looking in to familiar friendly faces. One checking my pulse. One lifting my legs to get the pressure up. Silence. Realizing the concert is put on hold by me falling.
It was in a way a magical experience. During my choir’s Christmas concert. I didn’t feel well. Kind of sick. And a bit dizzy. And the next thing I knew I woke up surrounded by all these faces. And arms. They caught me. Like I was in the arms of a down comforter.
So, I didn’t get to sing the concert, other than the first third of it. But I got to listen. They put me in a pew and covered me with blankets. It didn’t help. I had the most terrible chills. But I got to listen to a wonderful concert. An angel choir.
Lying there I was mostly worried about what would come afterwards. In the church I was safe. Surrounded by people. But at home by myself.
Then a different angel sat at my side. Linda is a sound engineer who is on my film crew. And she happened to be there. She sat down with me and told me she could stay with me over the night if I wanted. Thank you Linda, thank you.
Back home, finally, it turned out I was running a fever at 102° (39°). That’s extreme to be me. No wonder I was freezing into my bones. I am so terribly grateful to Linda taking care of me, and she will be until tomorrow morning. My pressure is dropping just by sitting up, so the most basic things are dangerous to perform, even with support.
And if I would give you one little piece of advise at Christmas time: when you are about to faint, do it in the arms of an angel choir.


  1. En God, frisk och smärtfri Jul önskar jag dig Mia!