Jul 30, 2017

Out of the closet

I have this image. Of a closet that’s only half full. Every item in there is something I really like and there is space between the hangers. That’s how I want it to be, and that image is something I actually have experienced. In my temporary Seattle homes, where I only brought my favorites. So it shouldn’t be that hard to achieve, right?

I’ve had this ongoing project for quiet some years now. To clean out my closets. The physical ones. This process has been very slow and the result this far my guest room overloaded with piles of clothes from every season and in various sizes, going, where? 

Salvation Army or other second hand outlets possibly, but wouldn’t it be fun having a summer yard sale? A sunny summer day here at the end of the road? I liked the thought of it. But when and how could my body do that? And I sure couldn’t do it by my self. I needed a wing man!

I popped the question to the obvious choice for this idea: Agneta. And she said yes!

My friend and alto colleague Agneta has an interesting and amazing wardrobe. She keeps track on most designer lines and finds the ways to buy what she sets her eyes on for bargain prices. Once we had an alto party at her place with her coolest and most exquisite shoes on display all over the house. That’s Agneta.

My wardrobe is also mostly half prize sales, but I can’t show off more impressive brands than GAP, Banana Republic and Nordstrom brass plum. Oh, not to forget my all time favorite store Jay Jacobs, dead and gone since long now. My Seattle friends used to tease me for shopping at Jay Jacobs, but I just loved it!

Anyway, the last few weeks I have tried on pretty much every single item in my jam packed closets. Grieving favorites I will never fit into any more, still keeping some of them as souvenirs. Others I was happy to pull out and  throw on one of those piles.

I have this thing. I often carry shame for not being able to limit myself. My blog postings are too long. I have too much footage and interviews for the films I am producing. I am not comfortable in small rooms. And there is way too much clothes in my closets. Get it together gal!

Agneta is good for me in so many ways, and this weekend I realized on more: she makes me feel minimalistic!

Friday Agneta came over here her car filled with clothes. Plenty. A lot. My guest room piles suddenly didn’t look that big. And with a sigh she tells me she has only scraped the surface of her garment assets. Man, I felt in control!

The rain fell heavily over night, but Saturday at noon the sun came out just in time for the first people to stroll my lawn and investigate our yard sale offers. Clothes and shoes on tables and racks in the greenery made it a really nice setting. Completed with Agneta’s husband Mats as a barista offering all kinds of coffee and hot dogs in addition. Shopping is an energy consuming business!

So, how did it go? Well, we didn’t sell that much. It was heavy in many ways to carry most of it in to the house again. But the day turned out really nice, our little event was appreciated, we had fun, and I finally realized my idea of a summer yard sale in the sun here at the end of the road.

And what now? Well, Agneta will probably successfully sell some of her many brand clothing on the web. For me, I don’t know. My piles are now scattered all over the house instead of only in my guest room. One thing is for sure though, they won’t go back into the closets. Although my wardrobe is now well sorted and I know what’s in there, it is still a long way to the spacey and light feeling of my Seattle closets. Isn't it interesting how impossible it seems to realize a goal I want, know exactly what it feels like and is within my absolute control?

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