May 15, 2016

An Old Aunt pondering

Little Brother was christened today. As Sister was 1,5 years ago. What a party!

I am the Old Aunt. Of course Little brother and Sister don’t know this yet, but they will eventually. One of those relatives who is always around, the kids having a vague idea how they are related. Or even knowing but not paying too much attention to circumstantial facts. I know, I’ve had Old Aunts like that.

Little Brother’s and Sister’s dad is my nephew, Trouble & Trouble’s cousin. His wife and have decided we are sisters. To complicate the facts to the babies, or as we call them G4, the fourth generation.  

Little Brother and Sister are miracles. As every child of course. But some are more than others - no offense.

Some children arrive in this world, almost by chance, it seems. Oops, I got pregnant! Nine months just swishing by. I’ve never felt better in my life! Delivery, what an experience!

Our family has a somewhat different tradition. There has been a lot of struggle. Oceans of worry. Pain. And babies in Heaven.

There are many stories to tell, but not here and not by me. I can let you know though that Trouble 2 (who is not a hasty person), was unexpectedly eager to enter this world way too soon. I had to be in bed from the 25th pregnancy week, to make him stay inside me until he was ready for the world outside. I won’t be too emotional here, simply present the facts.

To be a part of Little Brother’s christening today was pure joy and gratitude. To watch Sister steeling the show strutting around greeting everybody. To know that these children have a happy church full of family and friends who love them and care for them and will be there through their lives. And provide them safety, words and tons of music, as they did today. 

And I, the Old Aunt, to them will be one of the figures in the family saga. They will be watching me from the child’s center of universe where mom and dad are the closest, grand parents and cousins in the circle next to the center. I will be a bit vague to them. But they will never be vague to me.

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