Feb 7, 2016

"You really are a storyteller"

I’m not sure what would be the best picture to symbolize the feeling. But maybe giving a long concert with no applause until the end. If the applause arrives.

This Thursday was the day for showing the film to the client. Or more correctly, to my contact at the client. The documentary, a film portrait of The entrepreneur/ developer of Umeå, Krister Olsson, that I have been working on for the last 2,5 years. http://homeisawayawayishome.blogspot.se/2016/01/the-joyful-process-of-film-making.html

Three weeks ago there was a film in one piece. Which doesn’t mean it’s done. It only means it’s in one piece. Since then different persons have been working on there special expertise for the finish. And it’s practically been a family affair. Trouble 2 does the grading. Cousin Johannes the audio editing and sound design. Audrey is the graphic designer and Trouble 1 composes the original music.

So, Thursday Trouble 2 and I welcomed my contact (his name is Staffan) to my place at the end of the road for a screening. Me on my couch, he in my most comfortable sofa chair. He had only watched a couple of clips before, so taking off for a two hour long documentary was… well, exciting is an understatement. I would rather say nerve wrecking. 

There were a couple of spontaneous positive comments. And some giggle. To keep the focus up Trouble 2 served coffee and warm Danish after an hour. I was extremely tensed. Would it work? Had I got it all wrong? Imagine getting a two hour long documentary wrong!!

Staffan used to be a TV and film producer in his earlier days, so he knows the field. And I would say praising and giving random credit isn’t his thing. In other words, if he didn’t like what he saw he would let med know. That I could trust. 

The sunny afternoon had faded into dusk when my logo ended the film. And Staffan told us he liked it. He really did. And he praised (!) the photo and the cutting. Trouble 2 and I exhaled simultaneously out, of relief. He had comments, of course. We will do a few adjustments, so this week will be some re editing and trimming, but nothing that weighs on us. On the contrary, we are excited to take on the final polish of this film that’s been our companion for a long time now.

I am so relieved. And I am incredibly happy. The applause arrived. But what really made the day and will for all my days ahead is Staffan’s comment on me and my work: “You really are a storyteller Maria.”

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