Nov 15, 2015

This is the case. My case/The end

It started last summer and ended this week.

For those of you following me, you know I have been in a legal process with the City regarding my needs for assistance as I am physically restricted. The contentious issue has been regarding being helped getting from my bed and couch to the bathroom, as well as being assisted to my treatments twice a week. June 2014 my application was denied by the City and November I appealed to the Court of First Instance (Förvaltningsrätten). And lost. 

This was a big disappointment of course. Although my lawyer and I had very little hope about a different outcome, we decided to go forward in the process, appealing to the Court of Second Instance (Kammarrätten). This happened in January 2015. The verdict is absurd in so many ways, and we needed to make our voice heard one more time, no matter the outcome.

On Midsummer’s Eve my lawyer contacted me, with unexpected news. The Court of Second Instance (Kammarrätten), had approved my appeal, which means they were willing to look at the verdict from the Court of First Instance (Förvaltningsrätten)! That’s all there was, the outcome could be in favor to me or not, but  the important thing was, there was something in the verdict they were questioning and willing to look in to!

Neither my lawyer nor I saw this coming and I was so happy for the both of us. He is just the sweetest person, who has put in I am sure at least 30 hours on me, only charging me for 5. And I could tell from the expression on his face he was really excited to get a case like this in Court of Second Instance.

Thursday though, the verdict came. I lost. I have been fighting quite a few battles in my life but never before a legal one.  It lasted for 1,5 years and now it’s over. There is nothing more I can do. I lost. And that’s the end of it.

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