Aug 9, 2015

This is the case. My case/part 6

Something unexpected and good has happened. Yes, surprisingly.

For those of you following me, you know I am in a legal process with the City regarding my needs for assistance as I am physically restricted. The contentious issue is regarding being helped getting from my bed and couch to the bathroom, as well as being assisted to my treatments twice a week. A year ago my application was denied by the City and in November I appealed to the Court of First Instance (Förvaltningsrätten). And lost. 

This was a big disappointment of course. Although my lawyer and I had very little hope about a different outcome, we decided to go forward in the process, appealing to the Court of Second Instance (Kammarrätten). This happened in January. The verdict is absurd in so many ways, and we needed to make our voice heard one more time, no matter the outcome.

Meanwhile waiting for the verdict in the higher instance I have had a second application in process with the City. This time regarding assistance getting dressed in the morning and undressed in the evening, as well as supervising/help while washing myself, brushing my teeth a s o, those basic things we all need to do every morning and evening. It was first denied, but in the spring my administrator was exchanged for a new one, and I made it another try.

This woman was not more accommodating than the ones before her. She was here to see me and noted that nothing had changed. No exactly, I still have the same needs! She later sent me her investigation which was filled with inaccuracies, sloppy mistakes and conclusions taken from thin air. I filed a complaint which I worked long and hard with. Then waiting.

A couple of weeks ago she called and told me I would get the morning and evening assistance I needed! And while on the phone, I somehow managed to convince her to give me the help for dressing and undressing my self too! Afterwords I was lying here, all empty looking up the roof. What happened? What did just happen? Will I not have to worry about the mornings and evenings anymore? I didn’t feel safe though until Civil Care, the home care company taking care of me confirmed. Yes Maria, we are provided more hours a day for helping you out!

At about the same time my lawyer contacted me, with the even more unexpected news. The Court of Second Instance (Kammarrätten), has approved my appeal, which means they are willing to look at the verdict from the Court of First Instance (Förvaltningsrätten)! That’s all there is, the outcome could be in favor to me or not, but  the important thing is, there is something in the verdict they are questioning and are willing to look in to!

Neither my lawyer nor I saw this coming and I am so happy for the both of us. He is just the sweetest person, who has put in I am sure at least 30 hours on me, only charging me for 5. And I could tell from the expression on his face he was really excited to get a case like this in Court of Second Instance.

So, now it’s waiting time again. But I feel I have one two partial victories. My second application with the City is harbored. And the Court of First Instance (Förvaltningsrätten) verdict is questioned. That’s big. That’s really big.

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